Nestled amongst the rice fields and bamboo trees of Bali, a select team of master craftsmen work side by side with Karen Keith to realize her dream of versatile, transforming designs one exceptional piece at a time. This is slow fashion at it’s finest and you will not find any one piece exactly the same as the next.

The hands that create each garment leave their mark and this is a honored element of each design. Karen Keith states; “When I watch my tailors spend hours and sometimes days, on a single design… When I see their pride in a flawless execution, I no longer see a piece of clothing. I see a piece of art, and their pride is my own.”

In this wooden house of fashion, you will not find tired, mechanical workers. You will find a family of a team with the zealous collective heart of an artist. You will find laughter and music and at other times intensely quiet focus. You will find soft supple leathers and hand picked suede's. All by products of the meat consumed on the island. You will find imaginative designs that reflect the love and passion that went into their creation.

Among the quality and artistry of each Karen Keith design you will also find another inherent element. And that is the versatile and changeable nature of the garments. Challenging traditional forms and experimenting with where they can go and what they can do is a hallmark of Karen Keith. These are the designs that go into your closet and stay, while other garments come and go. These are the pieces that draw cameras, conversation and admiration.

Exclusive clothing brand dedicated to transforming designs for the

jet setting ilk who demand options

and require quality.